These local Puget Sound “peel and eat” shrimp as the are communally known, are a local favorite .
It is a highly anticipated season.


This shrimp comes from a 100-year old fishery out of the Puget Sound. Nothing better than fresh, sweet cooked Puget Sound shrimp. Caught and cooked fresh daily in the Puget Sound, and brought to the market for sale.

There are three variety’s of local shrimp. First is the small pink shrimp. Second is the side stripe, and third is the larger Coon Stripes.

All three of these shrimp are a true taste of the Northwest. Cooked in saltwater, they are sweet and juice
These shrimp are sold cooked head-on. All you need is a bowl full of local shrimp, something good to drink, and a napkin, let the feast begin.

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